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Important Update:

Dear Friends,

As you may know, businesses have been given the go ahead to operate at 50% capacity.  As of right now, houses of worship have not been granted the same provision.  The majority of the leadership was not in agreement that this is a situation we are comfortable with.

It was decided to go back to a single service Sunday morning at 10:00 (our normal time).  We will still comply with signage, social distancing, sanitizer, etc.  We will also be prepared to divert overflow into the fellowship hall for an audio and hopefully a video feed.  Our numbers the last 2 Sundays will put us close to the 50% mark and we feel this is a reasonable way for us to proceed.  

The state or the county may include houses of worship in this new easing of restriction but if they do not, we are still going to proceed in this manner.

If you do not agree with this position we understand.  If you do not feel well or do not feel comfortable meeting at 50% capacity (for us that is about 100 people) please stay home for now.  Some are wearing masks and some are not greeting by touch and that is respected.

Just to clarify:  We will be only having one service this Sunday (June 7th).  There will not be a sign up sheet.  When we reach our 50% capacity you will have the option to return home or go into the fellowship hall for audio and possibly video feed.  We will not be having a carry-in meal nor will we be serving communion.

We are doing our best to navigate this ever-changing situation with wisdom, humility, respect and courage.  

Pastor Dean 

We are still recording services for you to listen to at home!  

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Valley Bible Fellowship is a non-denominational church serving the community of the Wet Mountain Valley. Our desire is to provide a place where you can find community, discover your purpose, and learn how to live a life of lasting impact for the Kingdom of God.

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