We as a church have decided to begin to respond to our need for more space by adding on to our fellowship hall.  This 30x30 addition will provide activity space for our children and youth ministries as well as a larger room for meals and events.  It does not address all of our needs for our growing body but it will answer some of our current needs and provide us with opportunities for new expressions (the addition will have an elevated ceiling to accommodate a small basketball court and other activities).


We do not want our facility or money to ever be the focus of who we are as a body of believers.  We hope to be able to build what is needed simply, well, and without debt.  We will be providing updates on both the project (which we hope to begin this fall) and the financial status.  These updates will be provided by email, on the website, with appropriate announcements on Sundays, in the bulletin, and in a display in the church building.

If you would like to give to the Building Project Fund, please click the button below. 


Project Total:$100,000

Starting Amount: $65,000

Current Amount: $79,172


Ross Penkoff and his crew have made great progress since breaking ground on Dec 6th. They have the foundation in and began framing on Monday, Jan 6th. They've most recently been working on getting walls up! 


You can scroll through pictures below to see the process so far. 

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