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Hello Valley Bible Church,

Susann and I have decided to step down from leading the youth because we feel that we are being led back into overseas missions. This was something unforeseeable for us to a measure, since we planned on living in Westcliffe for the long haul. We are however convinced that it seems God is leading us in this way. It comes with much sadness as we have truly enjoyed this opportunity to lead, love, and have real fellowship with the youth of our church. 

When we took the position, the leadership of Valley Bible felt it best to have a trial period up until June 1 of 2020. This, as well as the need for us to begin the many processes of moving overseas again, leaves us in a place of agreement with the elders to begin the application process to find another youth pastor. However, because of the recent development of this virus and the circumstances we find ourselves in, we have agreed to continue facilitating the youth through the summer if need be. 

If you have any questions or comments, please speak directly with us. We would love to share our hearts with you about this movement. 

The Holmes Clan

The leadership has decided to offer the Student Ministry Leadership position to Brandon and Emily White.  They will be transitioning from Alaska to Westcliffe the last of June / first of July and we will be working out the details of the position with them between now and the first of August.  Pray for a smooth transition and for continued wisdom for all.
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